Mobile Bulk Filer (400 Deep)

This high volume storage solution is ideal for archive storage or for medium term shared information within a department. The versatility of this solution allows for the use of all filing systems from arch lever files and suspended files to container file storage. The mobile bulk filers are specifically designed to take the maximum amount of information within the smallest possible space.
The bulk filing storage units are available in a combination of lengths and widths
The length of the filers is only limited by the length of the room
Units wider than single widths are also possible but require a chain drive mechanism to assist in moving them as the weight is difficult to manoeuvre.
Standard colour – Motorcraft Grey

2320 (h) x 2050 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 3 Bay
2320 (h) x 2450 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 4 Bay
2320 (h) x 3300 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 6 Bay
2320 (h) x 4100 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 8 Bay
2320 (h) x 4925 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 10 Bay
2320 (h) x 5750 (l) x 1100mm (w) – 12 Bay
Shelf Wire Rack
Shelf Divider 350mm
Pull-Out Working Shelf
Pull-Out Drawer
Pull-Out Cradle – Universal A4 or Foolscap
Pull-Out Stationery Drawer
Lockable Shelf Door (Security Cabinet)
Lock Box
Chain Drive 1 x Double Bay
Steel Cladding
Wooden Cladding

Materials & Finishes

Steel Cladding
Wooden Cladding

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