People today are working longer hours than ever and often under more pressure juggling both professional and personal lives. We know that individuals have different capacities for sensory input before they reach capacity. Instead of allowing the drop in productivity this causes or having them leaving the work space to go home, the workplace today has adapted, incorporating spaces that allow staff members time to recover, time to recharge, even to encourage socialising to create a work life balance within the workspace.

While canteens or breakout spaces have long formed part of the office environment including baristaquality coffee, an abundance of snacks and foosball tables, today workspaces have evolved radically to create a more hospitable, informal and homy feel where staff are encouraged to move around the building and find diverse spaces that make them feel “at home, at work”. If you’re lucky they will include dedicated recharge rooms or spaces where staff can take a nap, meditate, do yoga….

Soft Seating

Provide comfortable seating options such as lounge chairs and sofas, allowing employees to relax and unwind.

Occasional Furniture

Ensure that recharge areas feature various soft seating, ottomans and coffee tables.


Choose a variety of table sizes and shapes to accommodate different group sizes. Provide a mix of seating options, including chairs with and without arms, bar stools, and possibly even booths for added comfort and variety.

Booth Seating

A mix of seating options, to breakaway, providing a space for semiprivacy. Various table options can be used in conjunction with the booth seating.

Room Dividers

Room dividers, within an open plan area provide privacy spaces and a sense of relaxation. Instead of static walls, rather include plants to mimic a more natural environment.