Fast paced advances in technology, communication and therefore business practices, has increased the need for a greater demand in staff training and education to stay ahead of the curve in the market place. To this end, light, mobile and versatile furniture elements have been designed to allow for impromptu and scalable discussion areas with easy access to both visual and digital training aids, whilst also being used for multiple applications within the workspace.

By creating a training environment that encompasses these elements, organizations can effectively empower their employees to acquire new skills, adapt to change, and drive organizational success. The training space should be centrally located within the office, easily accessible to all employees. Ideally, it should be a separate room or area with soundproofing to minimize distractions from the surrounding work environment

Mobile Tables

Mobile tables with castors or wheels offer flexibility and mobility within the training space. They can be easily repositioned to accommodate different training configurations or moved aside for larger group activities.

Modular Training Tables

These tables are versatile and can be configured in various layouts to accommodate different training formats, such as classroom-style seating, small group discussions, or workshops.

Integrated Writing Tablets

These chairs feature an attached writing tablet or armrest that folds down when not in use and can be easily flipped up when needed.

Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are space-saving and convenient for storage when not in use. They allow for easy rearrangement of the training room layout and can be quickly stacked to clear space for other activities.

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards or marker boards are portable writing surfaces that can be moved around the collaboration area as needed. They provide a space for brainstorming, note-taking, or visualizing ideas during group discussions, and can be easily erased and reused for future meetings.