Meeting rooms have long been places for collaboration but more recently, many progressive workspaces have incorporated dedicated collaboration spaces or hubs within open plan environments which are less traditionally furnished and more geared towards interaction with smart technology like interactive whiteboards, writable walls, and in today’s climate – screens to involve virtual participants. These ad-hoc collaborative spaces open up the possibility for spontaneous discussion that happens in the mix of the open plan space. Ideas don’t wait for meeting rooms to be booked. This space creation fosters an environment of innovation and fluid thinking amongst teams and drives progress and productivity.

Media Tables

Media tables are designed to facilitate group work and discussion. Media tables often feature built-in power outlets, cable management solutions, or integrated technology to support collaborative activities.

Interactive Technology

Interactive boards are powerful tools for collaboration in various settings, including boardrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms . Interactive whiteboards allow multiple users to work on the same digital canvas simultaneously. Participants can contribute ideas, annotate documents, and make edits in real time, regardless of their physical location.

Collab Chairs

Seating at collaboration spaces, is designed to complement the situation with versatility and promote comfortable and engaging collaboration.

Mobile Whiteboard

Mobile whiteboards or marker boards are portable writing surfaces that can be moved around the collaboration area as needed.

Focus Booths

Designated areas to focus on tasks requiring concentration. Booths are semi-enclosed spaces typically designed for individual work or small group discussions.

Boardroom tables

Connecting at a boardroom table involves creating an environment conducive to productive discussions, decision-making, and collaboration.