Productivity is at the core of an organisation and creating a space that enhances this is key. Open plan environments can foster collaboration, but can also be a space where it is difficult to focus uninterrupted or without being distracted. This strain to concentrate as well as dealing with glare, uncomfortable seating postures, neck strain from working without properly adjustable monitors can add to physical fatigue, drastically reducing individual productivity throughout the day.

Aside from providing the necessary equipment to foster wellness in the workplace, one solution is to create a dedicated concentration area (within the general open office environment) akin to a library where the house rules apply – no noise, no distraction and certainly no mobile phone usage or online conference calls being made in this area. Another solution would be to create focus pods for those critical times in the day.

Office Chairs

The use of ergonomic chairs can significantly improve employee comfort, health, and productivity, making them a valuable investment.

Open Plan Desking

Cluster desks in an open plan office layout offer designated areas for concentration and focused work, providing the balance needed to stay productive in a collaborative environment.


Although cluster desks are grouped together, there may be partitions or dividers between individual workstations to provide a sense of privacy, reduce distractions and for acoustic benefit.


Lockers, pedestals and cabinetry provide effective storage solutions for an open area layout, helping employees stay organized and reduce clutter.

Monitor Arms

A monitor on a desk offers numerous benefits, including space-saving design, adjustability, flexibility, cable management, improved collaboration, and enhanced ergonomics.

Focus Pods

Focus pods are compact, enclosed spaces designed specifically for individual work or intense concentration, enchancing productivity and creativity.

Power Solutions

Ease of access to power and data connectivity has become paramount, Equally important is the simple yet effective management of cables – avoiding unsightly spaghetti junctions.