Sitting Fatigue

Maybe it’s time for a change in your daily routine

Are you feeling exhausted after a day’s work and just can’t wait to get out of the office early? Do you feel stiff and fatigued at the end of the day and just wish you had the ability to be as productive in the last quarter of the day as you were at the beginning of the day?

If you search the internet about office fatigue, you’ll be rewarded with a multitude of articles about sitting correctly, chair ergonomics, working with computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones; and working for extended periods.

Lighting, back-ground noise, social interference and deadlines also add to the stress levels experienced in the contemporary workspace.

Our bodies are designed to be upright and active, rather than reclined and sedentary. Therefore our internal organs, blood flow and muscle activity are stimulated by the former function and inhibited by the latter.

Reality is – the sum of a variety of life and work style experiences cannot be compensated by a single meaningful bit of advice, but it can be of value. So what are the key points commonly agreed upon, that will allow the office bound worker to get through the day more effectively?

For starters:

  • Don’t sit in the same position for extended periods – take short meaningful breaks regularly. It might be helpful to stand for a while, and still be task focussed. Remember though, that standing still for too long can also take its toll on your energy levels.
  • Use a chair that promotes performance sitting, one that is correctly setup for your body type, weight and work function. Ensure that the chair moves with your body and doesn’t remain in a specific locked position.
  • Sit deep into the chair, so that your hip and spine are supported, minimising stress on the vertebrae and discs in the sacral and lumbar regions. All too often, we find out that we are sitting on the edge of our seat, leaning forward, hunched over the task at hand. Far better to have a more naturally upright open body posture.
  • Get fresh air. Take a walk down the passage, onto a balcony, around the office park. Stretch those muscles, fill the lungs; get a bit of sunlight…..
  • Avoid the consequences of too many heavy lunches, followed by protracted periods of inactivity.
  • Introduce variety into your work schedule, emphasizing different body, brain and mood exercise.
  • Try and enjoy what you do – smile, laugh, celebrate daily victories, be philosophical about some of the daily challenges that work and life can bring. Have a more holistic view of the job you do, the career that you’re in, and be in control of the situation, rather than feeling controlled.

While the responsibility of adjusting your work day largely remains with you, BFS can certainly give you professional advice about the practical and ergonomic requirements of your workstation.

We supply a wide range of ergonomic solutions and seating options to suit most work situations and budgets. Speak to one of our experienced furniture consultants who will gladly assist you further.

And may you leave the workplace at the end of the day, just brimming with energy.

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