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Our SafeGuard Screens are:
Future proof and adaptable.
Post Covid-19, the panels can be attached to walls as white boards. There are optional screen heights, and the panels are also available with the following additional functions:

  • Writable
  • Magnetic
  • Select your preferred elements as required.

Simple and Straightforward
Applicable to existing desk based screens that are of steel construction, this screen panel option is attached with magnets to allow easy implementation and adaptability. It is easily placed wherever it is needed.

Divide and Separate
Easy to place wherever needed. Provides functional workspace definition.

Privacy & Adaptability
These desk top modules ship flat packed and clip together. Available in a variety of materials to suit the workspace user’s requirements. Relatively lightweight and mobile, the design facilitates ease of use in different locations.

For social distancing solutions for your workplace, please contact sales@businessfurniture.co.za or 086 110 0011