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The reception area of your business is more than just a gateway; it’s an expression of the personality of your company, a neutral ground where new relationships begin and a home from home for regular visitors.


Have you given much thought recently to what your clients and visitors think when they walk into your reception area?


How up to date is your frontline and does it reflect the vibrancy and vitality of the soul of your business?

At BFS, we recognise that companies have different priorities and needs; and therefore are able to offer a wide variety of reception and waiting area furniture to suit the specific requirements of our clients – from entry level ‘value for money’ options, right through to specific customised units that integrate with the corporate brand of your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a simple checklist – some questions to consider:

  • What categories of visitor do you regularly receive – international and local clients, business partners, branch staff, and couriers to name a few?
  • How long do visitors wait in the reception area. Do you have appropriate seating for them? Would soft seating, individual chairs or ‘airport benching’ be considerations?
  • What is the primary function of your receptionist, does he/she have a dual role that the reception desk needs to fulfil – storage, printing, security, collections etc
  • Is the workstation a positioning statement for your corporate identity? Should it work as a marketing tool?
  • How durable does the reception unit need to be, especially the counter? Do you have a high volume of goods/packages that are constantly being collected and delivered, which is taking its toll on the finish of the unit?
  • Is the design and positioning of the unit meant to control or encourage the flow and volume of traffic into your workspace?
  • What investment are you willing to make? Will this decision increase your profitability?

Please speak to us – we welcome the opportunity to share some design and product ideas that will improve the functionality and aesthetic value of that special place where the outside world meets the inner pulse of your business.

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