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When creating an agile work space, it’s more than just updating your rusty IT solutions, doing a quick office reshuffle, purchasing a few new quirky office accessories, or have a random empty hot desk. It requires thorough planning, time and money to create the perfect agile environment.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when opting for an agile work space:

  • Office segmentation –  More companies are steering away from the one-size-fits-all office solutions, such as open office spaces. A key part of planning and designing an agile environment, is identifying key areas and aligning them with your brand. When dividing your open office into an agile spaces, you need to ask yourself if your design include spaces where employees can collaborate, socialize, concentrate and have some privacy.
  • Sustainability – Research done by Cone Communication in 2016, suggests that 88% of millennial employees say that their job is more fulfilling if they can make positive contributions towards social and environmental issues. Making use of environmentally friendly products and identifying “green rooms / spaces”, that encourages recycling, would ultimately boost employee morale.
  • Product selection – Choosing the right products and ensuring that they are suitable for its space, is critical. Besides quality, key product features, i.e. sound proof capabilities, lighting, ergonomics, smart technology, eco-friendliness, colour variations, texture, comfort and mobility, will also enhance your agile space.Your office’s look and feel will play a key role in creating a functional agile environment.

At BFS we understand the importance of designing flexible environments which ultimately create an ambiance that encourages social cohesion and collaboration, but simultaneously appreciate employee privacy. Want to find out how you can turn your office into an agile space? Talk to us, and let one of our solution specialists help you find the perfect fit. Contact us on +27 (0)86 11 000 11.

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