Looking Ahead: Setting Up A Workstation – The Visual Display

Our interaction with technology in an ergonomic and efficient way has now become a core requirement for most of the office based work-force. Monitor arms are essential elements in the workspace. Our aim is to source and supply minimalist solutions that are sympathetic to this environment and adapts the technology to the users physical requirements, not the other way around.

If you can’t adjust the height, the distance and the angle of your screen it can result in additional strain on neck, shoulders and lower back.


The image on the left shows the strain on the neck, eyes and lower back when using the standard base supplied with a screen. A key point to make here is that the human head weighs around 4.5kg. Just think if you’re looking down at a screen for 8 hours a day your neck muscles need to be pretty strong. This is why if the screen is too low you will have a tendency to get pulled towards your screen during the day increasing the pressure not only on your neck but your lower back too.


To correctly adjust the display the top of the screen should be at approximately at eye level with the screen angled to face viewer.

The distance from the person to the screen should be as a minimum arm’s length.

The visual display should be positioned directly in front of you to prevent strain on the neck and shoulders.


If you need to use two screens they should be positioned with the point where the two screens meet directly in front of you. The screens can either be positioned flat and in-line with each other, or slightly angled so they are facing in – this helps you view the information on the screens by moving your eyes with the minimal of effort and strain on the body.

Another approach is to designate one primary screen for main focused work and have a secondary screen, like a laptop, in an offset position. This secondary screen may display information like email which the person can then easily refer to if required.

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