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Facilities Managers Expo


BFS will be exhibiting at this years “FM-Expo”. We have an exciting stand planned and some new products to show too. Join us at Stand D3 on the 10-11th of May at Gallagher Conference Centre Midrand JHB.

Business Furniture Solutions


FREE Ergonomics Talk and Demonstration


This will take place at the FM Expo. Don’t miss out on this essential topic we all need to understand. No “airy fairy” stuff. We will explore the scientific theory, discuss the common challenges and offer practical and simple solutions for today’s work induced health problems.
Please join us for our talks either on Wednesday 10th May at 12:30pm or on Thursday 11th May at 13:30pm
Business Furniture Solutions


Ergonomic Products


Come and test drive some of our state of the art internationally certified products as well as local cost effective healthy ergo tools. We will guide you on what will work best for you and your company and demonstrate our various products in the flesh. From real ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desk solutions, come and try them for yourself.
Business Furniture Solutions


Technology Integration


We have some new products that will not only integrate your technology into your working environment but will make you more efficient, organised and looking really smart. We have occupancy sensors at workstations with tricks up their sleeves so don’t miss out on this premier.
Business Furniture Solutions


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