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The office furniture industry is an exciting, ever evolving industry that is guaranteed to thrill and challenge you. It is both creative and technical, filled with dynamic people interaction as well as just very cool products.

We are passionate about our business. We work hard, have fun and we love coming to work, (ok we sometimes have our days). We enjoy our team. (When they are not having one of their days). And we are always looking for talented individuals who share our core values in order to build mutual success.

However not everyone is suited for our business.

The following are our core values – and we hire and if necessary fire based on them:

BFS Core Values


It Starts With Me
“Choosing to have a positive attitude and taking responsibility is the first step toward achieving success. Only I can determine my own future through my own decisions, actions, and attitude. When required, take action, put in the effort & persevere.”

Do the Right Thing
“To be able to hold our heads up high knowing that we have conducted our business dealings with integrity, keeping our word and giving our best, is more valuable than that which can be bought or measured with money.”

Build Trust
“Trust is the foundation of all relationships and is earned when we are honest with each other, respect, and depend on one another. Create trust in our client relationships by truly having their interests at heart.”

Add Value
“Invest in lasting relationships with clients and colleagues, adding value at every opportunity, every intervention, and in the process, becoming both valuable and valued.”

“We are privileged to be part of a team that encourages growth and embraces change, by constantly looking for ways to increase our knowledge, to develop, to build and to improve – all in an effort to achieve excellence.”

If you feel our core values speak to you, and you want to explore becoming part of our team, send your C.V. to for consideration.