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The office environment continues to evolve. From traditional cellular offices, through the open plan styling of the late 20th century and, with the increasing pace of technological change, the office workstation has now become both more simplified and more diversified. Our workstyle is becoming more mobile than ever and therefore the furniture you have in your workspace should suit the mobility of your work styles.

Our wide range of office furniture supports this diversity through products such as the Float Table and the Quick Stand from Humanscale. These allow you to focus on the work at hand in either the seated or standing position with a seamless transition between the two. Furthermore, the use of monitor arms enhances your flexibility, rotating your screen so that people around you can view work easily without invading your personal space. Precious office time is also saved when small ‘no-nonsense” meetings are held in the standing position around a communal workstation, as opposed to booking a meeting room and the attendant small talk.

With the traditional walled structure of offices falling away and being replaced by more modular, churn able workstations, mostly in the form of clusters or call centres, the office team dynamic is enhanced, and assists with improved communication and productivity. Screens are creatively used both to create private or semi-private spaces and also to lend an artistic atmosphere to the office.

When keeping the open office in mind, there should still be areas to meet, make conference calls or have uninterrupted planning sessions. Here we offer a wide variety of boardroom and meeting furniture. We offer space planning and interior design expertise to maximise your office environment and communication flow, all the while balancing creativity and functionality.

Typical examples of this combined blend of energy, creativity and technology can be seen in the way that workspace is being effectively used as a social interactive space is evident in big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Lego to name but a few.

2015 office trends
On the other side of the spectrum, office designs are also becoming more homely, club-like due to the time spent there. Furniture int this environment therefore having a more of relaxed approach, using more sofas and artwork to create a ‘liveable’ space. Recycled or vintage items are also incorporated in the office for a different feel.

Please feel free to contact us to continue exploring the way that we can assist you to optimise your workspace to meet the demands of being successful within your area of business.

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